Agricultural vegetable hydroponic system equipment multi-span PC greenhouse

Welcome to come my home.Our have own factory,let me show you our 4800 SQM polycarbonate greenhouse project.Agriculture Vegetables hydroponic systems equipment Multi-Span Glass Greenhousea greenhouse a greenhouse a greenhousecolumn distance :10.4mmain column:120mm*120mm*3mmside column:120mm*60mm*3.0mmwind resistance column:50mm*5

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Welcome to come my home.
Our have own factory,let me show you our 4800 SQM polycarbonate greenhouse project.

Agriculture Vegetables hydroponic systems equipment Multi-Span Glass Greenhouse
a greenhouse a greenhouse a greenhouse
column distance :10.4m
main column:120mm*120mm*3mm
side column:120mm*60mm*3.0mm
wind resistance column:50mm*50mm*2.5mm
gutter :thickness:2.0mm
cover material:mm tempered glass

1 .CAD drawing
Agriculture Vegetables Hydroponic Systems Equipment Multi-Span PC Greenhouse
2.3D greenhouse plan
Agriculture Vegetables Hydroponic Systems Equipment Multi-Span PC Greenhouse3. field installation

Agriculture Vegetables Hydroponic Systems Equipment Multi-Span PC Greenhouse
Agriculture Vegetables Hydroponic Systems Equipment Multi-Span PC Greenhouse4.greenhouse completed
Agriculture Vegetables Hydroponic Systems Equipment Multi-Span PC Greenhouse5 hydroponic system
Agriculture Vegetables Hydroponic Systems Equipment Multi-Span PC Greenhouse

6.multi span Agriculture pc-sheet Greenhouse  Supporting Systems: 
No.ItemDetailIncluded or not
1steel structure Hot-galvanized steel pipeYES
2covering materialPO filmYES
3blackout systemsunshade net has different light transmissionYES
4circualtion fanrecirulation fanYES
5heating systemair warm bloweraccording to clients' requirement
6ventilation systemside ventilaiton, manual film roll machineYES
7Irrigation and fertilization systemdrip irrigation or spray irrigationaccording to clients' requirement
8light compensating system High - pressure sodium lamp, or LED lamp according to clients' requirement
9seeding bed systemUsed for seeding according to clients' requirement
10soilless cultureHydroponic, nutrient,etcaccording to clients' requirement
11power distribution systemcontrol cabinet according to clients' requirement
12other equipment we can supply other planting materialaccording to clients' requirement

cooling: Cooling pad, cooling fan, recirculation blowers
ventilation: manual film roll machine, insect proof net, etc
Greenhouse ventilation is one of the biggest infulences in maintaining an ideal climate for vegetable cultivation.
Natural ventilation allows for an inexpensive method of cooling.
A combination of side ventilation and shade curtains lead to temperatures, which are lower than outside temperatures.

sunshade net, gear motor, related accessories.
The light deprivation decreases the light cycle of plants and induces flowering.

light compensating system
One of the major benefits of vegetable production in a greenhouse versus indoor grows is the ability to capture and utilize sunlight.
Greenhouse vegetable production maximizes the available natural light for plant production and reduces capital as well as operating costs of grow lights required for indoor grows.
Irrigation system
Irrigation system includes drip irrigation system and spray irrigation system, working principle of which is that the  irrigation water is extrated from the source, pressurized, purified, filtered properly, then sent through the water-transmitting pipeline into the irrigation facility on the field. The irrigation water is released by the irrigation emitter of the irrigation facility to the plantsof the filed in the greenhouse.
Hydroponic system
Hydroponic System of greenhouse applies the hydroponics, which refers to the means of cultivation that is equipped with the base materials, not natural soil, when plants are in seed-breeding period and that is fixed with nutrient solutions for irrigation after they are settled, preventing the diseases due to the soil frequently used and the physiological barriers because of the salt accumulation of it and meeting the needs of plants with minerals, water, air and other conditions.

8.our factory
Weifang JianDa Greenhouse Material Co., Ltd has a professional greenhouse technology design, production and installation team, and can design the most economical and reasonable greenhouse based on customer requirements and local climate conditions. JianDa Greenhouse is not only a greenhouse construction enterprise, but also a complete agricultural service system.The company keeps bringing forth new ideas, successively developed more than 20 types of greenhouses, such as Venlo type glass greenhouse, Venlo type PC (polycarbonate) sheet greenhouse, multi-span arch-type film greenhouse, single-span arch-type film greenhouse,hydroponics greenhouse, tomato greenhouse, mushroom greenhouse, aluminum alloy greenhouse, solar greenhouse, sightseeing greenhouse, experimental greenhouse,aquaculture greenhouse and so on. We also add relevant supporting facilities according  to the use of greenhouse, such as: grow light technology, water-saving irrigation and fertilization technology, automatic control technology, Internet of things technology, etc

Agriculture Vegetables Hydroponic Systems Equipment Multi-Span PC Greenhouse

1. How long is the delivery time?

    The delivery time is  from 10days to 60 days after getting deposit. It depends on the size of greenhouse.
2. How long is the warranty period?
    We will supply free spare parts if any problem occurred in 12 months after installations.
3. Is your company foreign trade company or manufacturer?
     We are manufacturer.
4. Can you supply sample?
     Small parts can be supplied, but clients should pay the express fee.
5. Can your company supply greenhouse design?
     Our company can give greenhouse design according to your land and plant after getting deposit. And we can give simple drawing before signing contract.
6. How to install greenhouse?
    We will send our engineers to clients's site for guiding the installations.
    Client should hire enough local workers for doing the installation work.
7. When installing, what cost should we pay?
    Our engineers' airline tickets, local accommodations, visa fees, etc are taken by the clients.
    Our engineers' salary is $100 /day per person.
8. What is the payment terms?
    Generally, our payment way is 30%-50% TT deposit, the balance by TT before loading.
    Or you can give your own payment term, then we can negotiate it.


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