Vegetable planting greenhouse plastic film greenhouse

Plastic Film Greenhouse for Vegetable Planting GreenhouseProduct DescriptionThe Specification of Plastic Film UV 2792 ADMechanical CapacityTest MethodIndexTensile Breaking Strength(Mpa)ASTM D882 Longitudinal 33Lateral35Breaking Elongation(%)ASTM D882 Longitudinal 600Lateral650Reissfestigkeit(g/um)ASTM D1

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Plastic Film Greenhouse for Vegetable Planting Greenhouse
Product Description
The Specification of Plastic Film UV 2792 AD
Mechanical CapacityTest MethodIndex
Tensile Breaking Strength(Mpa)ASTM D882 
Longitudinal 33
Breaking Elongation(%)ASTM D882 
Longitudinal 600
Reissfestigkeit(g/um)ASTM D192215
Impact Strength(g)ASTM D17091000
Optical Properties  
TransmittanceInternal Method ≥91
1. Brief Introduction 
The plastic film multi-span greenhouse, bringing about fabulous social or economic benefits, is a kind of simple and practical equipment for cultivation or breeding, easy to construct, convenient to use and low cost, applied widely on the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers and breeding of aquatic products and poultry as well as scientific experiences all around the world with the development of plasticfilm industry. It is able to provide the conditions of suitable illumination, moisture and temperature, raising the output and resisting the natural disasters. It is also able to bring forward or backward the provision, remitting the contradictions of provision and demand. 
2. Structure and Configuration
The skeleton is equipped with the thin steel tubes linked with the appropriate connectors. The section of the upright is circular, rectangular and U-shaped. About the roof, the framework is arched or inverted-V-shaped, accessible to be equipped with the suitable gutters. All of the mental material, many types, is two-side hot-galvanized, rust-resisting, standard and originally produced.
The facilities that are fitted for it can be the film-reeling ventilation system or the roof row-rack ventilation system and the A-type rack-pinion screening system as well as the side cooling-pad ventilation system. The greenhouse can also be equipped with some facilities such as fans and furnaces,etc.  
The covering material is the plastic film, thickness of 0.08mm-0.15mm, PE or EVA, colorless and semi-transparent.
The main body can be in service for more than 10 years.
• inner large room, convenient operation, easy to construct and accessible to remove.
• accessories rust-resisting, strong ability to resist the snow and wind as the whole.
• high transmission rate, great heat-retaining property and hermetic ability.
Modern appearance, special designing structure, high intensity, easy assembly, single film is suitable for tropic area while air-inflated film is suitable for frigid area.

Product Details
1. The main galvanized frame( The main column according to wind load and snow load)
2. The greenhouse film( 150 micron or 200 micron)
3. Side Ventilation( Manual or Electric film reeler)
4. Roof Ventilation System ( Manual or Electric film reeler)
5. Outside Shading System( Rack and Pinion driving system)

Company Information
Qingdao Nordahl Supply Chain Co,.ltd is engaged in the greenhouse designing, engineering,production and servicing for 20 years.
(1) Our companies also providing many another greenhouse products like screen pinion, screen rack,rack tube connetor,power drive,driving clamp, spring clips,screen wire,weight,outside shading screen, etc.
(2) At present, it's basic on good quality that I have competitive price and scientific design or according your requirement to design.
(3) We have an After-services Department, any question, please contact me.

1) What's the MOQ ?
Our MOQ is 1000 square meter.

2) Do your worker come to install the green house ?
Our engineer will come to your country and provide technical support.


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