A 6-hectare thin-film PC greenhouse operating in the Qatar desert

2021-11-12 10:55:45 By : Mr. wickley wei

In Doha, Qatar, a group of 6 hectares of thin-film PC greenhouses are in operation. The first phase of 1.8 hectares has been successfully put into use in 2020, and the remaining 4.2 hectares will be completed in February 2021.

These greenhouses are used for tomato cultivation and will be supplied to the local market. Taking into account the local temperature and sandstorms, these greenhouses are equipped with internal shading systems, pads and fan cooling systems, single-layer plastic film on the roof, and 8mm hollow PC on the walls. Each unit is controlled by its own PLC controller. This design allows a lower initial investment and ensures a proper growth climate in the greenhouse.

For more information: Beijing Jinpeng International Agriculture Company 100094, 7th Floor, New Material Building, Fenghui Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing Tel: 86 58711536 Fax: 86 587117560 info@chinakingpeng.com www.kingpengintl.com

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